Go on an Adventure with a Ranch Read

A few weeks into this self-isolation and looking for an escape? We wish we could tell you to escape the city, come to the ranch, hop in a saddle, and ride the mountains with us. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. By summer, we’ll know more about life than we ever have. By summer, the horses will be ready to take you and your family on a backcountry adventure. We wish the timing on both were different. We wish we could offer you an escape now, right now, as being out town is likely what we all need. [...]

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Make it a Tech Free (almost) Reset

We often associate vacation as a time to re-connect, a time to get back in touch with the ones we love and with ourselves.  We strive to spend our time disconnected from worries of work, home, and other stressors and come home recharged and ready to tackle the world with a fresh dose of optimism.  Funny, though, that on our planet now, somehow the term "being connected" has become synonymous with "having a device in your hand."  Parents, you're just as guilty of it as your teenagers.  We are on our devices ALL THE TIME and do you really, truly, [...]

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DWR: Dude, We’re Riding

Frequently, you'll see three letters around here: DWR. What, you ask, does that stand for? Maybe Does Water Run? Maybe Dorks Wear Red? Maybe Dogs Wander Round? Nope, off target on all of those.  One meaning that applies is simple: Drowsy Water Ranch.  But that's not really what it means. Dig a little around here, and you'll learn that DWR is really an acronym for  "Dude, We're Riding". We do a lot of that around here. And we do it well. At Drowsy Water Ranch, we work hard to teach something about horses to each and [...]

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The World Needs More Cowgirls and Cowboys

Our neighbors to the north, The University of Wyoming, recently adopted a new motto that is worth some conversation when it comes to a Drowsy Water Vacation. The motto, "The world needs more cowboys", has been slightly controversial (you can google the articles), but the intended point is a good one: the world could use a few more hard-working, no-nonsense folks that can persevere with rugged individualism. At Drowsy Water Ranch, part of why we love sharing our family ranch with our guests is that we get to share this lifestyle where we get up early, we [...]

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It’s A Wonderful Life

It's true: you really can't beat life on Drowsy Water Ranch.  Every day, we count our blessings as work together as a family under Colorado's bluebird skies.  While it comes with long hours and often endless to-do lists, the rewards of sharing this life with our guests make it all worthwhile.  We all enjoy telling people about our life and our ranch and we all truly love what we do; not everyone can say that about their career path and we know it.  We can count many reasons why a visit to this ranch life makes the perfect getaway and we're not going to [...]

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Of Kids and Horses

It goes without saying that a lot of what we do here at Drowsy Water Ranch is put people on horses.  It sounds like nothing major, but when you stop and think about it, it's kind of a big deal, especially when you think that a lot of the people we are putting on horses are little people.  These cowboys and cowgirls will be on a large animal out in the wild and, for us, that is, certainly, a big deal.  It also goes without saying that we have a few horses around here.  Usually, our herd is around 120 head of horses.  Some of [...]

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If You Need a Reason to Vacation Here…

January is, traditionally, the biggest month for booking at  Drowsy Water Ranch.  The phone starts to ring, emails start flowing in, and the chart with available cabins and accommodations starts to fill with names of singles, couples, and families coming from all over to vacation at a small, family-owned ranch in the mountains of Colorado.  In many of our calls and emails this time of year, we are contacted by one or two members of a group or family that are all-out, gung-ho about coming on a vacation to a ranch in Colorado. But, these enthusiastic ranchers often have a few other family members [...]

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Sounds like February

Chase and I figured out something big this morning: February, we decided, must start with a 'F' because most of the words we use to describe the second month of the year also start with 'F'. Yep, it's true. Think about February. How would you describe it?  Here is what comes to mind when living at Drowsy Water Ranch in February: 1. Frigid. It is cold. It has been cold for months now. It will be cold for a few more months. Snow, ice, storms. Brrr. 2. Feeding. We have a lot of mouths around here and they all need food. Luckily, we have a lot of hay. We [...]

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Two, Tractors, and Trucks

 Hey folks, it is--or was--just Chase's Birthday. We celebrated amongst friends, family, and leftover turkey--his birthday falling the day after Thanksgiving. In his honor, I offered to write him a little ditty but was quickly refused. In his true-blue, independent spirit, Chase said he'd rather have it come from him, not me. So here you have it, folks, birthday thoughts from a two-year old.  Howdy folks. My mom said I could do this thing on my own. I'm going to tell you about my life as a two year old at Drowsy Water. First, we need to establish some rules. Rule Number One:I am in charge.Got [...]

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Small Town-igans

Part of living on a Colorado Dude Ranch is, usually, living in or near a small town. At Drowsy Water Ranch, we have Hot Sulphur Springs, a tiny town about six miles from the ranch and Granby, a slightly larger, but still tiny town about seven miles from the ranch. Living here, you get to know the people that live in town and you have "small-town" occurrences nearly everyday. Here are few small-town examples I've noted in the past few days. 1. First off, Drowsy Water Ranch entered a float in the Hot Sulphur Springs parade during the closing ceremonies of the 100th Anniversary [...]

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