Chase and I figured out something big this morning:
 February, we decided, must start with a ‘F’ because most of the words we use to describe the second month of the year also start with ‘F’. Yep, it’s true. Think about February. How would you describe it?  
Here is what comes to mind when living at Drowsy Water Ranch in February: 
1. Frigid. 
It is cold. It has been cold for months now. It will be cold for a few more months. Snow, ice, storms. Brrr.

 2. Feeding. 
We have a lot of mouths around here and they all need food. Luckily, we have a lot of hay. We feed daily the chickens, the ducks, the bunnies, the birds, the cats, the dogs, the cows, the bulls, and the horses. 
3. Forest Friends.
We might now always see them, but we see signs of them. Signs like the fresh bark tears on our aspen trees right outside our door. Trees that look like this are irrefutable proof of elk in the area, just like crop circles are undeniable proof of aliens…er…sort of like that. We have deer, elk, moose, coyotes, and  birds all hanging around our quaint mountain valley. 

 4. Firewood. 
We all use it here to heat our homes and we go through it FAST (another ‘F’!).  
The amount of wood we burn each winter might be enough to actually build a house or two.

5. Fat. 
Although February is usually when the months of sedentary life starts to really show in our waistlines, I am not talking about the current condition of my rear here. I am talking about our cows. Those gals are getting big, soon we’ll have our first calf!
6. Farting around.
(no picture available for “farting around”. What would that look like?!)
We do a fair amount of farting around here in February, like fixing things (fix has a ‘f’ too!) and then there are the ski days, the sledding, the craft time, the movie watching, the cleaning, etc. We keep busy, sure, but we enjoy the slower pace of life this month.
7. Finally, forward, faces, and fun!
Finally, we really start looking forward to summer this month. Not only for the temperature change, but for the fresh faces in our staff and guests and for all the fun we know we will have!