It’s true: you really can’t beat life on Drowsy Water Ranch.  Every day, we count our blessings as work together as a family under Colorado’s bluebird skies.  While it comes with long hours and often endless to-do lists, the rewards of sharing this life with our guests make it all worthwhile.  We all enjoy telling people about our life and our ranch and we all truly love what we do; not everyone can say that about their career path and we know it.  We can count many reasons why a visit to this ranch life makes the perfect getaway and we’re not going to hesitate to share them. 

1. Drowsy Water Life Welcomes All Ages
Somehow, in this small mountain valley, we find a way to keep all age groups entertained.  The little ones enjoy running amuck around the ranch, finding chicken eggs in the morning and mud puddles if they can.  The little-bit-older ones can watch these youngins laugh and squeal, they can ride a horse (yes, we even have a horse for grandma and grandpa), and enjoy distraction-free time with family. 

2. Drowsy Water Life Welcomes All Stages
Each week we have guests that ride horses regularly at home and, guess what? We have a horse for that.  Similarly, we have guests that have never ridden and, guess what? We have a horse for that too.  Maybe you’ve been off a horse for years? It won’t take long for you to remember how much fun you had in the saddle.  And maybe you think it’s just your family that likes riding but not really you? Well, you might just surprise yourself.  More than once, we’ve had the most skeptical of horseback riders leave as the most vocal horse lovers.  

3. The Drowsy Water Community
With a group of around 50 guests most weeks, it’s not hard to find a friend or two, but it’s not so many faces you can’t know everyone’s first name by the end of the week.  Families are all here for an adventure, for time together, and for time outside.  Right there, you know you’ll have at least three things in common with the other guests.  By the end of the week, the ranch is like a little mountain community where the kids can run free, the adults relax on the porch, and everyone ends the day with a smile.  You might even have so much fun with your new friends that you decide to come meet them at the ranch again next summer. 

4. Drowsy Water’s Pride in Care
We take pride in taking great care of both our guests, our animals, and our facilities.   Call it western hospitality if you wish, we genuinely enjoy making sure your feel like Drowsy Water is your ranch home, too.  We strive to make sure you’re well fed, rested, and having a great time.   We seek out the best care for our animals, too.  We feel good about how they’re handled, fed, and loved. 

5.  The Extras
Our life offers a lot of little extra perks too.  For animal lovers, you’re never far from a dog to play with or a chicken that lays eggs.  For fashionistas, our life affords a reason for pretty leather, heavy-duty denim, turquoise, and silver.  Are you stressed?  One of the best way’s we’ve found to decompress is in the saddle, riding through the mountains.  Want to connect to the earth? We do that all the time here; we know if we take care of our land, it will take care of us.  Finally, if you ever need to start a conversation in a pinch, just start talking about your horse.  Horse talk never fails to generate interest.  

Life at the ranch is one we cherish.  It truly is a wonderful life.