Our neighbors to the north, The University of Wyoming, recently adopted a new motto that is worth some conversation when it comes to a Drowsy Water Vacation. The motto, “The world needs more cowboys”, has been slightly controversial (you can google the articles), but the intended point is a good one: the world could use a few more hard-working, no-nonsense folks that can persevere with rugged individualism.

At Drowsy Water Ranch, part of why we love sharing our family ranch with our guests is that we get to share this lifestyle where we get up early, we work hard, and we genuinely care about the world and the people around us.

We welcome people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, and all genders to don their boots and enjoy some time in the mountains from atop a horse or from one of the many other ways we explore and celebrate our Colorado mountain life.

You’ll often hear the words “Cowboy Up!” or “Cowgirl Up!” around here. It’s an exclamation commanding another to stand tall, make no excuses, and go for it.  Whether it’s working, getting up and getting back on the horse (literally or figuratively), or just a general approach to life, we encourage each other to attack life with gusto, just like a cowboy or cowgirl has to do.  After all, these days, the world really could use a few more cowboys and cowgirls.