Did Someone Say Feast?

After the holidays, we're usually a little burnt out on feasting.  At Drowsy Water Ranch, the time after our human feasting is always when we notice just how much feasting is really done around here.  In fact, this feasting business is nothing unusual and, quite frankly, it sure is time consuming.  We spend hours each day working so they can feast.  Nope, I'm not talking about our guests.  Sure, we make sure our guests are well fed while they are here, we even serve them the traditional Thanksgiving feast meal on Sunday night when they first arrive, but the main feast at the ranch [...]

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Wise Words

Over the centuries, there have been countless quotes spoken about the wonder and uniqueness of the horse. For today's blog, we've compiled a few of our favorites. "No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle." -Winston Churchill "The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back." -Amber Senti "People ought to stop worrying so much about whispering to their horses and just start listening to them." -Greg Darnall "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway." -John Wayne "A man on a horse [...]

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Active Recovery

The term “active recovery” is a well-known one among fitness enthusiasts. Those with a basic knowledge of fitness and exercise science know that Active Recovery is a crucial part of any fitness regimen. It refers to “rest days”—specifically, what to do on rest days. It’s important to take a break from working out to allow the muscles to recover and rebuild, but the “active” part of “active recovery” means that one shouldn’t just watch television on rest days. Instead, one finds activities to do on those days that both allow the muscles to recover while still keeping the whole body Active. Light Yoga, a [...]

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Another Day at the Office

The average day at Drowsy Water Ranch seems anything but average to us.  But for the horses who work here, it's just another day at the office. For example, most mornings start out with bumper-to-bumper traffic. When you get to work, you head to your cubicle... ...and clear your inbox.  Then it's time to get to work in the tedium of your everyday tasks. After a few hours, you head to lunch, hoping no one has stolen your food out of the fridge.  Every office has that one guy, doesn't it?  Throughout the afternoon, you try to socialize a bit. There's always good conversation [...]

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Of Horses and Men(kind)

The relationship between a horse and a human doesn’t make sense.  From a biological standpoint, we are predators, and they are prey. A horse’s instincts will tell him to fear humankind, and most of them definitely start out doing just that. Anyone who has ever worked with a brand-new horse can attest, by the look of fear in his eye, that he believes he will shortly be eaten.  A horse has an extremely developed fight-or-flight response to danger; it is his body and his mind’s nature to react rather than to think. You could say he has a “thinking side” of the brain and [...]

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Why you (and your kids) need to live on a dirt road (even for a week)

The road to Drowsy Water Ranch isn't paved.  To get here, you turn north off Highway 40 onto County Road 219 and, almost immediately, you can say goodbye to the smooth, modern driving surfaces of asphalt or concrete.  Get ready for the dust to start flying, for bumps in the road, and for the occasional section of washboard.  You might as well kiss your clean car goodbye, too.  Ranch-bound vehicles stay clean for approximately 5.2 seconds before the dust and occasional mud puddle makes its mark.  Okay, okay, so it might not be the driveway you'd wish for all the time.  But life on [...]

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From Scratch

When guests come to Drowsy Water Ranch, they know they'll be riding horses, hiking, dancing, and laughing.  What they might not know prompts one very important question: "What's for dinner?"At Drowsy Water, we don't toot our horn over fancy food that is rated by this food critic or that. We don't often feel we need to take pictures of our sauce swirls or tiny bits of garnish alongside a tiny entree.  What we do make, and make a lot of, is food that people like to eat.  And it seems we're in on a new fad even though we've been doing this for decades.  At [...]

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More than Flowers: Celebrate Mom with a real Mom’s vacation

In addition to their dozens of other duties, moms often find themselves in charge of planning and booking family vacations. Over the years, we have learned that many of them will say time spent on a Colorado dude ranch ranks amongst the best trips they have ever taken.It isn’t just that traveling to Colorado is easy, or that there is something for everyone to do all day long. There are several aspects of our adventure vacations that appeal specifically to mothers everywhere. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons moms love coming to our Colorado dude ranch… The Dude Ranch is a Housework-Free [...]

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Four Lucky Reasons for a Drowsy Water Ranch Vacation

Vacations are like clovers: you can find them everywhere, in great clumps and tangles, around this planet.  Often, like the three-leafed plant, one vacation is very similar to the one next to it; they all smell sweet and look lovely but to find that rare, unique, four-leafed variety that stands out from the rest, you really have to hunt or even just hope for a little luck. Likewise, we know finding a truly magical, one-of-a-kind vacation in the sea of sweet-smelling, grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side kinda trips requires a bit of a hunt and a little bit of luck.   Sometimes your trip plops you and yours among [...]

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Love Letters

When did you last write a love letter?  Was it to a cute boy in second grade?  That one girl across the street in fifth grade?  Maybe is was to your husband or to your wife.  Here at Drowsy Water, we get a lot of love letters.  They float into the mailbox occasionally and we save them for ages, keeping them in a special envelope and bringing them out to read when we're feeling sentimental.  Sure, Ken is a great singer when you put him next to a fire under the stars, but the letters aren't to him.  Randy Sue can sure tell her [...]

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