When guests come to Drowsy Water Ranch, they know they’ll be riding horses, hiking, dancing, and laughing.  What they might not know prompts one very important question: 
“What’s for dinner?”
At Drowsy Water, we don’t toot our horn over fancy food that is rated by this food critic or that. We don’t often feel we need to take pictures of our sauce swirls or tiny bits of garnish alongside a tiny entree.  What we do make, and make a lot of, is food that people like to eat.  And it seems we’re in on a new fad even though we’ve been doing this for decades.  At Drowsy Water, most of what we make isn’t bought or pre-made, it’s made here, from scratch.  

We genuinely enjoy feeding our guests but don’t forget we live here too! We’ve gotta eat, we won’t make anything we wouldn’t enjoy.  We also have a couple of kids that live here and we understand completely what a difference it makes to have food our kids want to eat.  
Breakfast is cooked up to order.  Justin and Ken, both traditional ranch cowboys, are in the kitchen each morning to make sure your eggs are just how you like them, your oatmeal is delicious, and your cinnamon rolls are the best you’ve tasted.  The two seasoned cowboys  take charge during breakfast ride too, cooking on an outdoor griddle and what is arguably the best breakfast of the week, if not your entire life.  Ken uses the same skillet he has for years, a World War II relic giant enough to scramble 130 eggs at a time

After breakfast, homemade breads and desserts come flying out of the oven, many made using generations old recipes.  Entrees and sides are never pre-made or pre-packaged.  As a result, you’ll rarely see anything from our kitchen that has preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.  We’re not doing this because we’ve been reading about how cool this is, we’re doing it because this is how we’ve always done it.  We like real food, we always have, and think you’ll like it too.  

Come and get it!