If you weren’t around the ranch this summer, then you probably haven’t met our newest kid, Tucker. Tucker, the goat, came to us last summer as a little baby, a kid, and is rapidly growing into a billy goat. And when I say rapidly growing, I mean growing like a sausage, rounder and rounder and rounder by the day. 
 Tucker has one word. It is “MAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”. You can hear his distinct cry from all corners of the ranch. He is often mistaken for a trapped small child.

 Tucker has one thought. It is food. If there is food, there is Tucker.
 Tucker is in love with Peyton. Mostly because she is assosiated with food. Also because she takes him on walks. And climbs trees with him. Not that he likes exercise. He probably assumes there just might be more food in the tree.

Tucker is quite the character. His eyes are very human and you can all but hear his little goat voice.
 “MAAAAAAAAA, soooo, you gonna feed that scoop today? I could eat it. I am FAMISHED. Starving. Downright hungry.”

“Soooo, ummm, you gonna eat that hay over there or what, horse?”

 “You know, Bessie, the hay tastes much better when you actually climb inside the feeder. I just love surrounding myself with food.”

 “What? I was hungry!”