Folks ask us all the time what we do when we don’t have guests? It is a valid question. Since we only have guests here for about four months of the year, what keeps us busy when we aren’t taking rides, cooking supper, or dancing the two-step?

 I wish I could say that Randy Sue and I sit on the couch watching The View and eating chocolate covered strawberries while Justin and Ken talk about the weather and the stock market (oh, wait. . that is what they talk about). 

Really, when the lasts guests leave for year, we still have a lot that needs done around here. We remodel cabins. We clean. We clean some more. We fix that and we move this here and that over there. We feed the chickens, the ducks, the goat, and the rabbits. And, just like any ranch, the day to day work of keeping large livestock requires more than a keyboard and mouse.  Our two big livestock groups around here, the horses and the cows, seem to keep us real busy.
We do a lot with the horses. We check on horses. We move horses to another pasture. Then we check them and move them again. We sell horses, we buy horses. We train horses, we ride horses. 

Then there are the cows. We round them up and pen them. We feed them, we move them. We ween them, we separate them. We move them again. We sell them, we buy them. 

Somehow, the days fly by, filled with this or that. We do get to sit down a little more in the off season, and we do get to travel a little more, eat a little more, and sleep a little more. We need it; afterall, a great summer season is just around the corner.