At Drowsy Water Ranch, we have can be thankful many things. Here’s a quick list. . .Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Blue Skies 
We get our fill of sunshine up here.

2. Flowers
Every summer we are treated to nature’s boquet.

3. Fire
You can’t have a cookout without one.

4. Horses 
Some of the best Friends you will ever meet.

5. Kids
Seeing the world through their eyes is always inspiring.

 6. Sense of Humor
A cow with a tag in her nose. Now that is funny!

 7. Kids with a sense of humor
Teaching them what a road apple is. . .now that is funny.

 8. Food
Not much better in the world than butter on a fresh biscuit.

9. Family
You live with ’em, you love ’em.

 10. Being a Colorado Dude Ranch
The mountains, the air, the family, the animals, and the views.