Over the years at Drowsy Water Ranch, Randy Sue has cooked thousands of turkeys, baking and carving one to three of them each and every Sunday throughout the summer.   We welcome our guests with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, serving the meat with Randy Sue’s homemade mashed potatoes, rolls made from scratch, stuffing, veggies, and cranberries.   This meal, typically served at a time we are all supposed to appreciate the gifts and people around us, is a perfect summary for what we do at Drowsy Water; an ideal prelude to a magical week where you can appreciate nature, family, and friends.
We take our time outdoors seriously here.  We are so thankful to live where we work, where we can show people from all over the world our beautiful corner of the earth.  The scenery is ever changing, the mountains never have the same light, the same snow cover, the same clouds surrounding them, or the same leaves, flowers, and plants adorning them.  

We are thankful to bring families together.  We see each week that time spent atop a horse warms hearts, giving families and friends time open up, laugh, and talk.  We love seeing kids, adults, and staff alike form friendships for life in just one week. 

 And we are thankful for the entertainment that makes us all laugh at Drowsy Water.  From learning to square dance, to showing what our herd of 120 amazing horses can do, we are happy to share these moments with our guests. 

And we’re happy to share our lives with amazing animals too, and show our guests what joy a meaningful relationship with noble, kind, powerful creature can bring.  We know each horse by name, and we love each animal from goat to chicken to ever-giving and playful border collies. 


We are so lucky, so blessed, to share this feeling of gratitude each and every week at Drowsy Water Ranch.  
Happy Thanksgiving!