In summer, the ranch is full of laughter and light as the long days light up our valley and our guests light up our spirits.  Now, in fall, the ranch is somewhat of a ghost town, tucked away in the silence of our secluded little valley.  The guests are long gone and darkness sinks in quicker each day, bringing with it a different kind of spirit.  Being alone at the ranch around Halloween, it’s often hard not to lose yourself in the sounds of the night: the small cracks and crunches that come from a forest, and the creaks and moans of empty buildings. Come along for a creepy tour!
 The trees, bare, glow white in the late evening light, looking like skeletons standing in rows, waiting for their chance to break free of their roots and roam the valley.  

 The sky hosts many massive bare trees, home to black birds galore, all searching the sky for their favorite witch! 

 The stalls, deserted of saddles, could be any kind of scary torture device.  Ropes to catch zombies? Rebar to catch ghosts? 
 The lodge dining room serves meals to only ghouls! The darkness is perfect for their meal. 

 The cabins walls no longer hear laughter and love, but creaks and whines as the season’s spirits move about unseen. 

 Alone in the woods, the ranch stories we laugh at in summer start to chill us to the bone.  From Jim’s Grave, to the story of the Honeymooner and the White Wolf, and the rumors of the friendly ghost in Horse Thief, you start to question how much of the stories are just tall tales and how much are factual occurrences. 

 Good night, sleep tight. Enjoy this spooky season!