For those who like to hike. . .

We get plenty of horse crazy folks here. They have horse shirts, horse pins, and horse posters. They know the sweet smell of manure, enjoy the feel of soft leather under their tush and the sound of hoof beats on the ground is music to their ears. But this horse obsessed life isn't for everyone. And for those less-horsey folks, we offer plenty to keep them busy during their vacation at Drowsy Water Ranch.One example of an alternative activity is Thursday afternoon's guided hike with Randy Sue. Yes, yet another Randy Sue adventure. (That woman is everywhere!)Yesterday we took a willing crew up to [...]

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From the eyes of a DWR guest, Part 2

The Wittmann family vacationed with us during our June 20th week this year. They did just about all you can do while at Drowsy Water Ranch, and I think it's fair to say they had a hoot of a time while here! Here's their week in photos. Yee-haw!First things first: you usually have a little bit of a drive to get to us. But don't worry, you'll get great views along the way. Here's a view from Berthoud Pass.When you get here, we show you around the ranch, show you where you'll be staying for the week, and, if needed, get you fit up [...]

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T minus 13 days. . .and Counting!

Remember how all winter I rambled on romantically about life on this Colorado Dude Ranch, talking about the snow and the cold, the peace and the quiet? Yeah, well, forget all that. That is over, dudes. Those days are gone.  Totally and completely gone. We're now a hive of activity. The worker bees are buzzing around from dawn till dusk hastily working away.  Our to-do list could stretch clear down our road and back. The Fosha clan is in all-work no-play mode (or sleep, or t.v., or books, etc).  The staff is growing by the day, their bright faces greeting each morning with a smile and ending each evening [...]

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