Remember how all winter I rambled on romantically about life on this Colorado Dude Ranch, talking about the snow and the cold, the peace and the quiet? 

Yeah, well, forget all that. That is over, dudes. 

Those days are gone.  Totally and completely gone. 
We’re now a hive of activity. The worker bees are buzzing around from dawn till dusk hastily working away.  Our to-do list could stretch clear down our road and back. The Fosha clan is in all-work no-play mode (or sleep, or t.v., or books, etc).  The staff is growing by the day, their bright faces greeting each morning with a smile and ending each evening with an exhausted yawn.  

All this is in preparation for our big day. . .opening day. . .only 13 days away! So, this afternoon, I did a stroll around the ranch. Wait, it wasn’t really a stroll. It was a walk. A fast walk. It’s something I’ve learned from trying to keep up with Justin and Randy Sue. It’s called the “Fosha-Fast-Walk”.  It’s like normal walking, only in fast forward. It’s an important skill. I will give an example of its use shortly.
So, on this walk around the ranch, I took pictures of what everyone was doing to  give you a better idea of the amount of work going on.  Since I was Fosha-Fast-Walking, I was able to eliminate the normal lolly-gagging involved with normal walking thus minimizing the time between photos and making them almost like multiple images from around the ranch taken at the same instant. Here they come, don’t blink!
There was Ken, repairing the hardwood floor in our tee-pee building. 
I’ll tell you what, you want a man that can fix, oh, say, plumbing? Call Ken. How about roofing? Ken can do it. Oh, your tractor broken? Ken. He might be the best all-around fix it guy in the universe. I’ve witnessed him fix everything from flashlights to tractors, roof a building, tile a floor, repair the plumbing, wire a living room light fixture, and on and on. Ken can do everything. 
Next on the loop, the steers and bulls. I guess you could say they were working since this is what they do–stare at people when they come over. 

And Jen was brushing a horse. This sounds peaceful and easy, but when you have 100 horses. . .

all losing their winter coats in clumps. . .

brushing them all is a whole heck of a lot of work. 
And then there is all of the cleaning to be done. 
Here’s Alex cleaning up behind on of the cabins. 

And Tyler and Connor cleaning up elsewhere.

And Trish and JJ cleaning up in a cabin. 

Finally, even the aspen trees are finally working–buds! At long last, there are buds on the trees!

Whew! I’m now one sweaty Fosha Fast Walker.