The Wittmann family vacationed with us during our June 20th week this year. They did just about all you can do while at Drowsy Water Ranch, and I think it’s fair to say they had a hoot of a time while here! Here’s their week in photos. Yee-haw!

First things first: you usually have a little bit of a drive to get to us. But don’t worry, you’ll get great views along the way. Here’s a view from Berthoud Pass.
When you get here, we show you around the ranch, show you where you’ll be staying for the week, and, if needed, get you fit up with your very own cowboy boots. There is something about having a corner full of boots that makes your soul smile.
On Monday, you meet your horse. Here is Fritzi with her horse, CJ.
And then you head out for your first on many trail rides to come.

Tuesday is the raft trip. Load up those boats and get some sunshine as you float down the Colorado River.

Wednesday we’ll take you on an all day ride. We pack a lunch, including our famous cowboy cookies, and head out in the saddle.

Thursday we start the day off right with a gourmet breakfast cooked and served atop a mountain.
And finish the day with some friendly competition-cattle penning in our arena.
Friday we are in the saddle again. Sometimes our cows need moved and we’ll bring guests along to help. And as a ranch disclaimer, please notice the word “sometimes”. We don’t move our cows every week or even every other week–we move them like cowboys should–only when they need to be moved to new grass, a new draw, or out of danger.

By Saturday, the kids are lined up and ready to show off their skills in our rodeo.

Some have turned into real rodeo queens while they were here.

And then it is time to depart. We push out the doggies for a romp in the pasture,

And say goodbye. Hope you’ll come again!