Three Years on the Ranch

Believe it or not, we are getting ready to celebrate the third birthday of our little cowgirl. What a life this girl has growing up on a Colorado dude ranch; she gets horses, cows, chickens, ducks, and dogs, room to run and grow, and extended family close to teach her and love her. She has taken to the life beautifully. She loves the horses--Patches, Bobby Sox and Apple are her favorites; she hollers and blows her whistle at the deer and elk milling in the sagebrush just off our deck ("HEEEEEEYYYYY YOOOOUUUU ELKKKK GEEETT OUUTTA HEEEERE!), and she watches the birds at the feeders [...]

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Bobby Sox Love

One of our horses received some extra special lovin' last week. And if there was ever a horse that needed and deserved a few extra X's and O's, it's this guy, Bobby Sox. Bobby Sox is not exactly our best-looking steed, nor is he our fastest mount but you'll have a hard time finding a rock, bush, stump, plastic sack, cow, bird or dog that can spook this dude. He is what we call "bomb-proof" in the horse industry. He is friendly and easy-going and he takes great care of his riders.One such rider just couldn't stand to be away from him until next [...]

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Easy Weaners in Action

Okay, more on the easy-weaner today. Easy-weaner, easy-weaner, easy-weaner!!Sorry, that is just sooo hilarious. But now that it's out of my system, let me tell you how we do this. We wean the babies every fall because they have to move on from Mama. When they do, they better be okay with just hay and grain, because there won't be any milk served. Once we sell them, they are off to their next location, the feed lot. So in order to get them free from mama's teet, you can simply separate the cow and calf leaving the cow to wonder what happened to her [...]

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Baby Cows and a Stinker

So, I had this blog about us weaning the baby cows all ready to go. We used these things we call easy-weaners. Not weiner, you sick-o, I said weaner. The whole contraption is a perfect example of the sense of humor most ranchers have to have. You see, you put these big yellow tags in the baby cows' nostrils and then they can't nurse because the tag gets in the way of their mouth. It's kind of hilarious and it's much nicer than just ripping the babies from their mothers' udders unexpectedly leaving them to bawl and moo for days on end. With the [...]

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Opening Week Howdy

Just wanted to say "Howdy!" and let you all know that we did it! Drowsy Water Ranch is now open for Ken and Randy Sue's 34th year!We may only have eight guests this week, we've been busy! Many of the horses were still out at pasture, frolicking in the Colorado sunshine. So we'd catch those doggies, load 'em in the trailer, and bring 'em home. And we've been having a lot of fun with our small crew of guests. We had a few go rafting on Tuesday, some great rides, a beautiful morning for our breakfast ride where we serve breakfast on top of [...]

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Time for Ranch Chores with the Pink Marshmallow

I suppose most of us that grew up in colder climates went through some kind of mother-inflicted marshmallow phase during childhood. Peyton, our ranch 1 year old, is not exempt from the marshmallow rule. I always wondered what the deal with all the clothes was, but now that I have my own child to dress to go outside when it's 5 degrees, I get it. Here she is, the Pink Marshmallow!and in this shot, a sneezing pink marshmallow! Bummer timing on the shot, I guess.All decked out in multiple mommy-inflicted sweaters, coats, hats, and mittens to be out in our bitter cold weather, she [...]

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Our Drowsy Water Ranch Cowgirl

I've been trying to keep the blog to ranch happenings: moving cows, moving horses, the snow, the mud, the chicken, etc. etc. etc.  I know, I know, I slip in random personal facts, but I really do try to keep it focused on Drowsy Water Ranch and life in Colorado and things like that. But this week I won't even try. Why?Peyton had her first birthday yesterday. That's why. I was downright overcome with emotions.  I was happy that we've kept her healthy this long, sad that she's no longer a little tiny baby, happy that she can walk and be a little bit [...]

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