One of our horses received some extra special lovin’ last week. And if there was ever a horse that needed and deserved a few extra X’s and O’s, it’s this guy, Bobby Sox. Bobby Sox is not exactly our best-looking steed, nor is he our fastest mount but you’ll have a hard time finding a rock, bush, stump, plastic sack, cow, bird or dog that can spook this dude. He is what we call “bomb-proof” in the horse industry. He is friendly and easy-going and he takes great care of his riders.
One such rider just couldn’t stand to be away from him until next summer. That’d be Jenna. She’s up there on good ol’ Bobby in a shot from last summer. She was lucky enough to ride him then and, now, rumor has it she talks about him daily.
So the Sheldon Family, Allen and Mara and their daughters Dana and Jenna, made a trip up here this winter to say hi to Bobby out at pasture and help Randy Sue feed.
Note that I did not steal this next picture from an UGG ad. This is actually Jenna’s big sister Dana. While she could be an UGG model, this is simply her climbing in the tractor to head out and find Bobby Sox!
They must have found the cows on the way. Jenna is not big. Those cows have bigger heads than her whole body. But, if you know her, you’ll know that though she may be little, she packs a big personality.
Finally, they find the big man himself, Bobby Sox. He was keen on a few extra treats and hugs and kisses. Jenna also wrote him a letter that she read to him. Last I saw him, he had a pen in his mouth working on his reply.
Jenna and Dana thought about leaving a glove behind for Bobby Sox. After all, horses wear shoes; why can’t they wear gloves? Bobby Sox looks confused. That must not have worked out for him.
Finally, back at the ranch, Peyton treated Dana and Jenna to a ranch tour to visit the bunny, ducks, and chickens. That poor child’s mother (I mean Peyton, not Jenna) must not have known they were having company that day. Look at that awesome side-pony and the sweet $10 thrift-store jacket. Poor kid, she’s doomed for nerdiness. Maybe Jenna, who’s rocking a stylin’ Breckenridge-inspired parka and Uggs, will help Peyton out in the fashion department someday. Peyton’s mother is obviously a clueless redneck livin’ in the sticks somewhere.

What a great visit to see a family from the summer and reunite horse and rider! Thanks, Allen, for all the great pictures. We can’t wait to see the Sheldon family again this summer.