Cowboy Take Me Away

My "Indian" Cowboy is finally home. He enjoyed his fair share of tours, Indian food, local hosts and entertainment on the other side of the world. He has pictures of elephants, trains, boats, towns, cities, tea and many, many, faces.As the saying goes: absence make the heart grow fonder. Justin's month-long excursion to a different world has me thinking how lucky I am to have him and how this whole living on a ranch with a cowboy thing is just one big dream come true. In fact, just this summer a high school classmate and I were laughing about how, in our senior yearbook, [...]

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Cowboy in India

In a few short days, Cowboy Justin is headed off to India as part of a Rotary International Exchange. He'll be, more or less, a Colorado Ambassador traveling in the southwest region of India for the entire month of February and some of March.Justin was selected to join a team of four individuals aged 25-40 years from Colorado that will travel and present to Indian Rotary clubs in the region about Colorado's geography, industry, and agriculture. Justin is excited to experience a part of the world that he has yet to see. Usually, the group will split up to stay with host families so [...]

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Our Drowsy Water Ranch Cowgirl

I've been trying to keep the blog to ranch happenings: moving cows, moving horses, the snow, the mud, the chicken, etc. etc. etc.  I know, I know, I slip in random personal facts, but I really do try to keep it focused on Drowsy Water Ranch and life in Colorado and things like that. But this week I won't even try. Why?Peyton had her first birthday yesterday. That's why. I was downright overcome with emotions.  I was happy that we've kept her healthy this long, sad that she's no longer a little tiny baby, happy that she can walk and be a little bit [...]

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