In a few short days, Cowboy Justin is headed off to India as part of a Rotary International Exchange. He’ll be, more or less, a Colorado Ambassador traveling in the southwest region of India for the entire month of February and some of March.

Justin was selected to join a team of four individuals aged 25-40 years from Colorado that will travel and present to Indian Rotary clubs in the region about Colorado’s geography, industry, and agriculture.
Justin is excited to experience a part of the world that he has yet to see. Usually, the group will split up to stay with host families so he will be immersed in Indian culture when not with the group. The group will present almost daily so they will not have much time to vacation , but a few side trips are planned–like to the Taj Mahal.

How will a cowboy fair in India? Or his ranch and family at home while he’s away? Well, I can tell you he’s been practicing eating Indian food–last time he ended up sick for a good three days afterwards–EEK! And he’s preparing himself for the total reversal of weather–from freezing cold to burning hot–and for the transition from being a hermit surrounded by nothing buy open space to a man in a sea of people.
The ranch will survive without him; Ken and Randy Sue know what they are doing after all! And Peyton, Chase and I will miss him tremendously, but are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that are happy to help out.
We will miss him but as well-traveled and well-versed a guy as he is, we know he’ll do great over there!