Bobby Sox Love

One of our horses received some extra special lovin' last week. And if there was ever a horse that needed and deserved a few extra X's and O's, it's this guy, Bobby Sox. Bobby Sox is not exactly our best-looking steed, nor is he our fastest mount but you'll have a hard time finding a rock, bush, stump, plastic sack, cow, bird or dog that can spook this dude. He is what we call "bomb-proof" in the horse industry. He is friendly and easy-going and he takes great care of his riders.One such rider just couldn't stand to be away from him until next [...]

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Falling for Drowsy Water Ranch

"Sigh!" "Yee-Haw!""Phew!" "At last!"Those are the sounds we've been hearing around the ranch lately. We just finished up the last week of our 2010 season and, gee whiz, was it a fun-filled, exhausting, beautiful, magical few weeks or what?We wound down our season nicely with three adult-only weeks. The first we had 25 guests, the second 15, and the third only four. We included an art week in there too, which was a first for everyone involved and a ton of fun for both the folks who came to the ranch to paint and for the folks that came to the ranch to ride [...]

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From the eyes of a DWR guest, Part 2

The Wittmann family vacationed with us during our June 20th week this year. They did just about all you can do while at Drowsy Water Ranch, and I think it's fair to say they had a hoot of a time while here! Here's their week in photos. Yee-haw!First things first: you usually have a little bit of a drive to get to us. But don't worry, you'll get great views along the way. Here's a view from Berthoud Pass.When you get here, we show you around the ranch, show you where you'll be staying for the week, and, if needed, get you fit up [...]

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