Two, Tractors, and Trucks

 Hey folks, it is--or was--just Chase's Birthday. We celebrated amongst friends, family, and leftover turkey--his birthday falling the day after Thanksgiving. In his honor, I offered to write him a little ditty but was quickly refused. In his true-blue, independent spirit, Chase said he'd rather have it come from him, not me. So here you have it, folks, birthday thoughts from a two-year old.  Howdy folks. My mom said I could do this thing on my own. I'm going to tell you about my life as a two year old at Drowsy Water. First, we need to establish some rules. Rule Number One:I am in charge.Got [...]

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Final Crew of 2012 Staff!

We've been introducing our staff bit by bit the last few weeks. Here's the last of the bunch. Aren't you excited to meet them all? We sure are!Name: Nick Schulte Hometown:  Apison, Tennesee Position for the summer: Wrangler One thing I am looking foward to this summer is: exploring Colorado trails and customs with guests and colleagues.The greatest thing I've done in my life so far is: studied abroad in Nantes, France for 4 months (September-December 2011) Name: Levi Grammer Hometown: Saltillo, Mississippi Position for the summer: Maintenance One thing I am looking foward to this summer is: meeting new people from different places, and seeing new things! The greatest thing [...]

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Large and In-Charge

Drowsy Water Ranch is home to a few big mamas. They run the joint this time of year. They're noisy, stinky, and demanding. And they eat a lot. Yeah, you're probably thinking to yourself, "What a bunch of cows!" and, while we are usually very nice, politially correct folks, I have to agree.Really. They are.Cows.No, really, they are a bunch of cows. This time of year is when they really have the run of the ranch. We watch them cautiously and vigilantly because they've been pregnant a long time and they are starting to birth the next generation of Drowsy Water Ranch Angus.We check [...]

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Drowsy Water Ranch Easter Egg Hunt

At Drowsy Water Ranch, we can host an extreme Easter Egg hunt. We can hide eggs all over the ranch and then the family has to find them. It might take all day, or all week, or all month. We go all out. Speaking of going all out, we are getting ready to go all out for another summer of fun on the family dude ranch. The reservations for the summer are great and we look forward to meeting and spending time with all of the great families and friends we welcome into our home here on this Colorado Dude Ranch. We have a [...]

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Small Town-igans

Part of living on a Colorado Dude Ranch is, usually, living in or near a small town. At Drowsy Water Ranch, we have Hot Sulphur Springs, a tiny town about six miles from the ranch and Granby, a slightly larger, but still tiny town about seven miles from the ranch. Living here, you get to know the people that live in town and you have "small-town" occurrences nearly everyday. Here are few small-town examples I've noted in the past few days. 1. First off, Drowsy Water Ranch entered a float in the Hot Sulphur Springs parade during the closing ceremonies of the 100th Anniversary [...]

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Submit a photo! New Calendar, For You, From You

Happy New Year! Did you just switch your calendar? Don't you wish you had a calendar with pictures of horses, smiling kids, sunsets over mountain tops and red-trimmed cabins set along a peaceful creek? Something that takes you away to Colorado, to a family get-a-way, to a place where you spend most days free of the crazy world and most technology, just relaxing outside, enjoying the sounds of horses, the creek, the wind in the trees. Too bad there is not a calendar like that in circulation. Maybe you could make one. Maybe you have some really great photos of this place you went [...]

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A Two-fer from a Dude Ranch Kid Christmas

Growing up on a Colorado dude ranch our Drowsy Water kids have a slightly different spin on life. Christmastime is no exception. As we go though all of the traditional holiday stories and events, we've had some interesting conversations spurred by questions only a dude ranch kid would ask. Here are 10 dude ranch kid questions about Christmas.And you'll notice the photos do not correspond to the questions. The photos are their own separate story of our family hunting down this year's Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Enjoy!Does Santa have elf-wranglers for his reindeer?Which mountain around our house does the Grinch live on? Does Santa [...]

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Winter Weight Check

Worried about gaining weight over the winter? Those holiday pounds already stacking up? Feeling a little bit like a breakfast sausage in those jeans you bought last month? Well don't you fret, don't you frown, you are not alone. And, by-golly, you might as well use the same reason for your recent plumping as our four-legged friends at Drowsy Water Ranch: It's stinking cold out. After we finish cutting the hay on the meadows at the Walden ranch, we pasture a handful (okay, maybe more like a few trailer-fulls) of our horses for the fall. Their manes get tangled. Their feet get dirty. They [...]

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Thank you to our 2011 staff!

Every year around Thanksgiving we are reminded of people for whom we are grateful. These people make you smile, they make you laugh, and they keep you going. They make your life more meaningful. Every year around Thanksgiving we like to take a moment to thank our staff. Our 2011 staff made the summer a success. They kept us and our guests laughing and smiling and make our Drowsy Water Ranch Family complete. We are grateful for each and every one of the great individuals that spend their summer helping families have one of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime here in the [...]

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Snow Place Like Home

It is some sort of unwritten rule of nature that it will snow by Halloween at Drowsy Water Ranch. We've already enjoyed two storms of six to eight inches and it's barely even November. All I have to say about this transition from fall to the fluffy white stuff is this: "BRRRR"!Check out these photos from the ranch this morning. Then go get yourself some hot cocoa.

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