It ain’t all romance and ribbons at Drowsy Water

I like to portray the ranch life as one full of adventure and romance. And, honestly, there is a lot of that happening around here. There are colorful sunrises during morning roundups--horses neighing and snorting as they charge back to the ranch for their morning feed. There are country songs by campfires on cool summer evenings. There are blooming flowers, falling snowflakes, and singing birds. But it's not all romance and ribbons around here. Take, for example, the end result of our countless hours of work in the hayfields. After hours, days, weeks, and months slaving away to mow, rake, and bail our hay [...]

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Ode to Rocky: The King of the Drowsy Water Bovines

We have a lot of animals. And I mean a lot. We have horses, cows, bunnies, cats, dogs, chickens (sometimes), ducks, and other domesticated animals that live with us now and then. Of all of the animals we have, I think the one animal that has the best life, the guy that has it made more than any of our other pampered pets, is Rocky, our bull.Yep, Rocky has the occupation most males dream of. First of all, Rocky is a big dude. He's a a ten year old Black Angus and Tarentaise cross. He weighs in around 2000 lbs. He eats pretty much [...]

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Bovine Adventures at Drowsy Water Ranch

Ahhh, the Bovine. What a wonderful creature. Here at Drowsy Water Ranch, we have one or two of them to play with. In the winter, Randy Sue keeps about 30 mama cows down the road and a few younger "yearlings" up here at the ranch. They eat, a lot. And they moo. And then the food comes out. It sounds boring, I know, but really, they're great fun. The next blog or two will be about keeping cattle at a Colorado Dude Ranch--a fun but time consuming endeavor. We'll start now, with the little guys that eat and moo and poop just a few [...]

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New Baby for Drowsy Water Ranch

I've said it before and I'll say it again: living on a family ranch in Colorado means you get to experience life up close. Births, deaths, traumas and triumphs are all just part of the job. Today's post is about one of the happiest (and cutest) parts of the living on a Colorado dude ranch--the babies.We had our first baby calf towards the end of last week. She is a heifer (girl-cow) and comes from one of Randy Sue's newest cows. Isn't she just adorable? Baby cows are some of the cutest things you'll ever see at a ranch. They are all awkward and [...]

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Mooo-vin’ Out

Friday was a big day for the calves.  They finally moved off the ranch and are headed to cow-college. At college, they will develop into full-fledged cows and exit ready to fulfill their life's purpose. Their journey toward cow-hood began approximately a month ago when the little calves were weaned.  Weaning is the technical term for teaching the calves to eat hay and grass instead of their mother’s milk.  The calves are taken, in one fell swoop, from their mothers’ teet to a separate pen with hay.  No milk here, kiddos.  The calves then spend a few days bawling for their moms and the moms bawl for their babies.  Most mothers [...]

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