The summer is upon us. The leaves on the aspen trees are turning green, the sun is warming our mountain air, and smiles are brightening our faces as we share this life with our much anticipated first group of Drowsy Water Ranch guests. We welcomed our first group of families and friends on May 31st this year and we will continue to welcome great groups of families and friends all summer long. 
One of the highlights each week is Wednesday’s all day ride.  In small groups, riders head all different directions from the ranch.  One of our favorites? Music Mountain.  We climb atop our horses then ask them to help us reach the top of a nearby peak.  From there, and all along the way, the views are incredible.  Not many dining rooms in the country can boast the views we have from our lunch spot atop Music.  Enjoy a few photos taken during 2015’s first week!
Here’s the crew during the lunch break. We all agreed the salt of the Fritos packed in the saddle bags had never tasted so good. 

Views, Views, Views! The backdrop looked fake at times.

Beginning our descent through an incredible aspen grove. 

After clearing the forest (and the adventure of navigating a handful of down trees), we broke into a clearing of sage brush and wildflowers. 
The clouds! They can’t be real! But they are…someone get a paintbrush!

Again, we cross an aspen grove. Almost home! What a great day.