One of the parts of the ranch guaranteed to win you over? The western skies; they never disappoint in beauty and grandeur.   Whether it is morning, evening, sunny or rainy, the sky here is always incredible.  We love hearing kids tell their parents “Woah, look at all the stars!” or one friend saying to the other while riding along, “Look how blue the sky is!” 
 The mountains are always different against the sky and the clouds. Sometimes you can see them so clearly you think you can touch them. Other times they are shrouded in fog. Sometimes snow covers the peaks in bright white, other times they look purple with majesty in the setting sun. 

 And the clouds are a treat. Always changing and moving, you can never see the same scene twice thanks to Colorado’s high country clouds. 

Thanks for enjoying some photos of our sky from our guest, Joanne Gutowsky.