Around Drowsy Water Ranch, you get really excited for spring. You start dreaming about flowers and budding leaves, sunshine and baby animals.  And then the sun actually starts shining, the days start warming up and what you end up with is a whole heck of a lot of M-U-D, mud, mud, mud! 
What you forget when you live in the city is that concrete and asphalt are really wonderful things. You can walk out your front door and not step in mud. You can drive your car down the road and not step in mud.

You can let your kids play outside and they won’t come in covered in mud. It is unavoidable. You can’t go anywhere with out returning covered in the stuff.  It gets in the car, in the house,  and probably in our food. 

You end up wishing that either it would get really cold and snow again or just heat up and dry out already. 
And in March, it could do either still. We’ll just have to wait to see!