It’s getting to be the time of year when the cows start needing a little more attention. Sure, we’ve had to feed ’em every single day, but that’s about it. They’ve just been hanging out with their friends out in pasture, eatin’ hay, mullin’ around and watchin’ the train go by. 

Just a brief summary of the event for ya. . .
Here’s Randy Sue, roundin’ up the mamas, who seem to have little problem running while 8 months pregnant. . .I was jealous watching that! 

And here’s Ken, in the tractor. If you know him, you’ll find it surprising that he was riding in a motorized vehicle, not on a horse. . . ha. 

And here’s a photo of Ollie, he’s just too pretty to forget to take a picture of him. 

Here’s Ken, Freeing the cows that get to stay in the pasture.