Its a neat thing, being part of this family business, to see how Ken and Randy Sue have poured their heart and soul into every single detail of this ranch. They genuinely take so much pride in sharing their lifestyle with each and every guest.
Ken wants us all to call each guest by their first name, and Randy Sue wants to make sure we all give each guest more than they expect not only because it is simply the right thing to do, but because it feels good to operate that way. Being part of the family, I’ve learned more about business and customer service than I ever imagined I would when I fell head-over-heels for that cowboy of mine. Sometimes, I feel so lucky to be here that it makes me cry. Aw shucks–I am all teary right now–darn these pregnant lady hormones.
But, believe it or not, we only have five weeks left to our 2010 season. We’ve met so many wonderful people this year and have had great rides, great meals, and made some great memories. We have a few more photos from families that have stayed here this summer. Hopefully they’ll convey how sincerely Ken and Randy Sue mean to make each guest experience a western way of life.
These photos are from the Duchene family who were here in July. Thanks Bruce, Silvia, Danielle, and Cole!
Tony, clownin’ around at the kids’ rodeo.

Ken and Randy Sue and a bunch of their “kids for a week”

Ken and Randy Sue working on Friday night–steak fry night!

Just a scene from a ride. . .

and a quaint cabin in the woods.

and a mild raft trip

with a little bit of wild (just a very little bit)

A bunch of cowboys and cowgirls.

And don’t miss the turn-off!

Keep your photos coming. We love them (even though it takes a little while for the blog to get updated these days).