City Slickers Find Happy Trails at Duded-down Drowsy Water

GRANBY– A visit to Drowsy Water Ranch west of Granby is like a stay with your favorite aunt and uncle, except this family has a chef, 100 horses and a staff of wranglers.

Lacking pretense of any sort, Drowsy Water Ranch is for families who want to relax and ride horses. If you’re more interested in fancy food, massages or tennis, make your reservations at one of the 35 other Colorado dude ranches.
“People are here to be a cowgirl or a cowboy for a week,” said owner Randy Sue Fosha, sitting in the 80-year-old main lodge under the watchful glass eyes of deer and moose trophies. “They are guests in our home.”

Randy Sue and her husband, Ken, are focused on one thing- teaching their guests to ride horses. This doesn’t mean the Foshas don’t pay attention to other amenities- plentiful food, cozy cabins and evening entertainment- but by the end of a week at Drowsy Water, even the greenest greenhorn will feel comfortable in the saddle.

“We are not a luxury spa and hotel. We are a gen-u-ine Western ranch.”