Across the Pond

Brian and Janet Jenner, from Grays Essex, England, wanted something really special to mark their 30th anniversary. They found it at Drowsy Water, where they signed up to a two-week stay.

Janet, a novice rider, is intimidated at first by her horse, but wranglers quickly switch her to a smaller, more docile mount, and she settles in just fine, although “I’m a bit sore,” she says.
It is the couple’s first trip to the States, and it’s everything they expected and more. “It’s kind of like it says on the breakfast menu: ‘If you leave here hungry, it’s your own fault.’ If you don’t have fun here, it’s your own fault,” Brian says. “I always said I was a cowboy in my first life!”

Four Germans complete the European contingent for the week. Petra Milewski and Reinhard Cremer of Aldenhoven, Germany, are vacationing with two German friends stationed temporarily in Boston.

Petra and Reinhard rode western-style in Tuscany, Italy, once, but “this is something we would like to do in America because it came from America,” Petra says. They were drawn to Drowsy Water because of the emphasis placed on horseback riding. Beginners are given lessons so they learn how to ride, instead of just sitting up there.

“This is a special experience,” Petra says. “It’s not a normal holiday. You can forget everything because you concentrate on your horse. You can step out of your life.”