Final Crew of 2012 Staff!

We've been introducing our staff bit by bit the last few weeks. Here's the last of the bunch. Aren't you excited to meet them all? We sure are!Name: Nick Schulte Hometown:  Apison, Tennesee Position for the summer: Wrangler One thing I am looking foward to this summer is: exploring Colorado trails and customs with guests and colleagues.The greatest thing I've done in my life so far is: studied abroad in Nantes, France for 4 months (September-December 2011) Name: Levi Grammer Hometown: Saltillo, Mississippi Position for the summer: Maintenance One thing I am looking foward to this summer is: meeting new people from different places, and seeing new things! The greatest thing [...]

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Meet our 2012 Staff!

We'd like to introduce the fine folks that will be serving our guests this summer at Drowsy Water Ranch. We hand select these fine individuals to make our Colorado dude ranch the best family vacation our guests have ever experienced. From wranglers to kitchen staff to housekeepers to kids counselors, we are excited to get going on our season with our great staff. We'll introduce a few at a time, so check back weekly to see new faces!Name: Trish Hurst Hometown: Blanding, Utah Position at DWR: Head Housekeeper One thing I'm looking forward to this summer is. . .Making new friends from all over [...]

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Thank you to our 2011 staff!

Every year around Thanksgiving we are reminded of people for whom we are grateful. These people make you smile, they make you laugh, and they keep you going. They make your life more meaningful. Every year around Thanksgiving we like to take a moment to thank our staff. Our 2011 staff made the summer a success. They kept us and our guests laughing and smiling and make our Drowsy Water Ranch Family complete. We are grateful for each and every one of the great individuals that spend their summer helping families have one of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime here in the [...]

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Superheroes of the Ranch, Part Deux

So you've had a few days to commit those last Drowsy Water Ranch staff members to memory. Maybe you even made flash cards and have begun quizzing the entire family in preparation for the upcoming vacation. I bet you are ready for some more. Here are a few more folks to get to know. We can't wait to get them going and see their secret super powers at work.Name: Joshua HancockPosition for 2010: Wait StaffNumber of seasons at DWR: This will be my second season.Hometown: St. Louis, MOWhat keeps you busy when you're not at DWR? I'm a professional skateboarder and musician. I paint [...]

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Ranch Hands and Fun Folk for 2010

We have a handful or two of very important people showing up in the next few weeks. They come from all around the country (and some from out of the country). They are young, energetic, and hand selected for their work-ethic and personality.Who are these superheroes? They are. . .DA-DA-DA. . .THE DROWSY WATER RANCH STAFF OF 2010!Meet a few today and stay tuned for more in the coming days.Name: Jonathan Foster-MoorePosition for 2010: I will be the Rangerider Counselor for the summer of 2010.Number of seasons at DWR: This is my first season at DWR. Hometown: My hometown is Northampton, Massachusetts. What keeps [...]

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Gearing Up at Drowsy Water Ranch

Like I mentioned last week, it seems like summer is years away.  We've grown accustomed to the cold and the relative solitude of the winter.  But then you look at the calendar and you start to count. . .one month. . .two months. . .three months. . .That's it! Three months? That's all the time that is left until staff start arriving again and we get going on another great summer?And then you start to panic a little. There is so much to do! Our staff starts arriving in May to help get the ranch put back together after the long winter. That means we've just [...]

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