Like I mentioned last week, it seems like summer is years away.  We’ve grown accustomed to the cold and the relative solitude of the winter.  But then you look at the calendar and you start to count. . .one month. . .two months. . .three months. . .That’s it! Three months? That’s all the time that is left until staff start arriving again and we get going on another great summer?
And then you start to panic a little. There is so much to do! Our staff starts arriving in May to help get the ranch put back together after the long winter. That means we’ve just started hiring the staff for next summer.  So far, we have quite a few key employees returning for more square dancing and long days in the mountains.  We look forward to their veteran enthusiasm and knowledge of the ranch. 

We’re also thrilled with the numerous applications we’ve received from new potential staff members.  So many well qualified people apply each year it’s almost impossible to choose only fifteen to twenty of them.  We enjoy having an energetic staff that love the outdoors and don’t mind a little hard-work.  We hope they can have fun spending a summer with us and enjoy the best that Colorado has to offer–mountains, rivers, wildlife and great people.