If You Need a Reason to Vacation Here…

January is, traditionally, the biggest month for booking at  Drowsy Water Ranch.  The phone starts to ring, emails start flowing in, and the chart with available cabins and accommodations starts to fill with names of singles, couples, and families coming from all over to vacation at a small, family-owned ranch in the mountains of Colorado.  In many of our calls and emails this time of year, we are contacted by one or two members of a group or family that are all-out, gung-ho about coming on a vacation to a ranch in Colorado. But, these enthusiastic ranchers often have a few other family members [...]

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Five Fundamentals for a Fosha

I love to take Peyton and Chase to the library in Hot Sulphur Springs for story time. The kids love to listen to the books, sing songs, and then pick out their own books to take home. The moms love a little interaction with someone that can actually spell her own name. The other day, while talking with the other moms, one friend of mine—we’ll call her Mommy-number-one—turned to a woman I did not know—Mommy-number-two—and said, “This is Gretta. She’s a Fosha.” I hesitated. I grinned. I stuttered. “A Fosha?” I thought. “What is that supposed to mean: ‘She is a Fosha’?” Did it [...]

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Drowsy Water Ranch is Number One!

Big News! Big News! We just heard that we have been chosen by tripadvisor.com as 2010's Number One All Inclusive resort! We are thrilled, flattered, excited and giddy. Most of all, we want everyone to come find out for themselves what set us apart. Hope to see you here soon!

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