Fall Cow-tivities

We look forward to this day every year.  Maybe its because we love to work cows, or maybe we love to get outside on warm fall days, or maybe it is just because we have a tremendously silly sense of humor, but we all enjoy the day we wean the calves using what we call the "easy-weaners".   First, we round up our herd, then separate the cows from their young.Next, we load the calves in the trailer and take them to our neighbor's house down the road. There, we run each calf through the squeeze chute and insert a really silly looking yellow tag in [...]

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Small Town-igans

Part of living on a Colorado Dude Ranch is, usually, living in or near a small town. At Drowsy Water Ranch, we have Hot Sulphur Springs, a tiny town about six miles from the ranch and Granby, a slightly larger, but still tiny town about seven miles from the ranch. Living here, you get to know the people that live in town and you have "small-town" occurrences nearly everyday. Here are few small-town examples I've noted in the past few days. 1. First off, Drowsy Water Ranch entered a float in the Hot Sulphur Springs parade during the closing ceremonies of the 100th Anniversary [...]

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Five Fundamentals for a Fosha

I love to take Peyton and Chase to the library in Hot Sulphur Springs for story time. The kids love to listen to the books, sing songs, and then pick out their own books to take home. The moms love a little interaction with someone that can actually spell her own name. The other day, while talking with the other moms, one friend of mine—we’ll call her Mommy-number-one—turned to a woman I did not know—Mommy-number-two—and said, “This is Gretta. She’s a Fosha.” I hesitated. I grinned. I stuttered. “A Fosha?” I thought. “What is that supposed to mean: ‘She is a Fosha’?” Did it [...]

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Looking for these Mamas and babies

We pushed our cows out just a few weeks ago. Randy Sue heads up the operation--planning and executing the ideal procedure for moving the cows out onto open range for the summer. But now, the cows are out there somewhere and, as usual, they've been a-wanderin'. We've seen a few pairs here, a few pairs there, and a few way up there while a few others are way down there. We never know where they'll end up. Tomorrow, Randy Sue will head up one of her famed all-day cow rides. Now, not just anyone gets to go out looking for and mooooving cows (sorry, [...]

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A Thanksgiving-ish story from DWR

It's no secret that the food at Drowsy Water is a hearty affair. Something about the mountain air, the horses, the people, and the creek make you hungry here, really hungry. It's magical. That's why we get the week at DWR kicked off with a classic Thanksgiving Dinner.Every Sunday, Randy Sue starts the turkeys in the morning and Calvin (the chef) and the cooks come in and start on the rolls, stuffing, pies, etc. The day has a nice, familiar routine about it. Randy Sue has the meal down to a science: while Calvin and the cooks get the turkey carved, the pie sliced, [...]

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Ode to Rocky: The King of the Drowsy Water Bovines

We have a lot of animals. And I mean a lot. We have horses, cows, bunnies, cats, dogs, chickens (sometimes), ducks, and other domesticated animals that live with us now and then. Of all of the animals we have, I think the one animal that has the best life, the guy that has it made more than any of our other pampered pets, is Rocky, our bull.Yep, Rocky has the occupation most males dream of. First of all, Rocky is a big dude. He's a a ten year old Black Angus and Tarentaise cross. He weighs in around 2000 lbs. He eats pretty much [...]

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Drowsy Water Ranch is Number One!

Big News! Big News! We just heard that we have been chosen by tripadvisor.com as 2010's Number One All Inclusive resort! We are thrilled, flattered, excited and giddy. Most of all, we want everyone to come find out for themselves what set us apart. Hope to see you here soon!

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New Baby for Drowsy Water Ranch

I've said it before and I'll say it again: living on a family ranch in Colorado means you get to experience life up close. Births, deaths, traumas and triumphs are all just part of the job. Today's post is about one of the happiest (and cutest) parts of the living on a Colorado dude ranch--the babies.We had our first baby calf towards the end of last week. She is a heifer (girl-cow) and comes from one of Randy Sue's newest cows. Isn't she just adorable? Baby cows are some of the cutest things you'll ever see at a ranch. They are all awkward and [...]

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