HorseTVToday: Drowsy Water Ranch

"Grab your friends and family and saddle up and head to Drowsy Water Ranch in the beautiful mountains of Granby, Colorado. From dawn to dusk, you'll enjoy horseback riding, outdoor cookouts, white water river rafting, zip lines across glacier carved valleys, and entertainment like no other. It's all at Drowsy Water Ranch. We'll see the corral." Watch the video Here:

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A Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation: Drowsy Water Ranch in Grand County

"Going to a dude ranch has been on my bucket list since watching the movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal. There was just something intriguing about going back to simpler times on cattle ranches—of wide open spaces, cowboys, and clear blue skies. A place with no television sets, zero bars of cellular service and such limited internet that it’s as good as not having any." Read the rest of the Article Here:

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe

Have you ever tasted fresh strawberry rhubarb pie? It’s not too difficult to make and just bursts with flavor. I’m betting this will be on your list of regular dessert recipes. Read the rest of the Article Here:

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Girls Getaway: Dude Ranch Colorado

What could be better than a girls getaway at Drowsy Water Dude Ranch Colorado? Picture this: your best girlfriends, wearing jeans and flannel shirts the entire vacation, someone else preparing your delicious meals, riding horses and hiking the Rocky Mountains. Got it? That’s a Dude Ranch Colorado vacation. Who’s ready? Read the rest of the Article Here:

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A Ride in the Rockies

Western Hospitality stays strong at this Colorado dude ranch. Drowsy Water Ranch feels more off the beaten path than it actually is. The 700-acre dude and guest ranch is tucked into a narrow forested valley about a mile-and-a-half off Highway 40 in the Colorado Rockies. Situated about six miles west of the town of Granby in Grand County, the ranch is only a two-hour drive from Denver International Airport. But once you turn onto the dirt road leading to the ranch—look for the covered wagon with “Drowsy Water Ranch” sprawled in fire-engine-red writing for your cue to turn—the real world dissipates like the dust [...]

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I Admit It. I’m a Dude.

I Admit It. I'm a Dude. Not in the cool sense of the teenage vernacular. Nope, we're talking old-fashioned dude here. As in dude ranch. And it's a good thing. Randy Sue Fosha, who heads up the Dude Ranchers' Association and owns Drowsy Water Ranch with her husband, Ken, invited me and my husband, Chad Hendrix, out to see what dude ranching is all about. When we arrive, Ken promises us a couple of things. First, he says, the guests will come from a variety of backgrounds, but "everybody here's going to be just one thing this week, and that's a [...]

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A Horse Vacation For Horse People

A Horse Vacation For Horse People Alicia and Becca Raddant, ages 18 and 12, are visiting Drowsy Water with their aunt and uncle, Colleen and Randy Olick. The girls, who live and breathe horses at home, had one stipulation as they planned their trip: The dude ranch horses had to be ones that even advanced riders would enjoy. "I want something that's not just an old plug," says Becca, who's from Shawano, Wisconsin, near Green Bay. And the ranch delivers. "It's like I never left home; I just got a grand-new horse," Alicia says. "When we're cantering, it's like I'm alive! [...]

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Growing Up to be a Cowboy

Growing Up to be a Cowboy "I like being here so much, I'd like to work here," says Sean Gordon, an 11-year-old from Jupiter, Florida. His family has been coming to Drowsy Water for five years, ant it's not likely they'll be changing their vacation destination any time soon. "I won't go anywhere else and I won't recommend any other ranch." He has aspirations of becoming a wrangler when he turns 18. Young adults from all over the country work at the ranch during the summers, and many of them are former guests. Some are wranglers who help guests with their [...]

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