The Famous and Delicious DWR Cowboy Cookie

Note: Due to popular demand, we're re-posting this famous recipe which we posted originally last January! Today, we're going to discuss a very serious Drowsy Water Ranch topic.It's something that Drowsy Water Ranch guests go home talking about and something that the staff worships. It's big. Really big. It's round, it's crunchy and gooey, it's full of chocolate, and, a few hours into an all-day trip atop your trusty, four-hoofed steed, it's all you can think about. Those of you that have been a guest with us or have worked with us know what I'm referring to: The Famous and Delicious Drowsy Water Ranch [...]

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Our Drowsy Water Ranch Cowgirl

I've been trying to keep the blog to ranch happenings: moving cows, moving horses, the snow, the mud, the chicken, etc. etc. etc.  I know, I know, I slip in random personal facts, but I really do try to keep it focused on Drowsy Water Ranch and life in Colorado and things like that. But this week I won't even try. Why?Peyton had her first birthday yesterday. That's why. I was downright overcome with emotions.  I was happy that we've kept her healthy this long, sad that she's no longer a little tiny baby, happy that she can walk and be a little bit [...]

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