Submit a photo! New Calendar, For You, From You

Happy New Year! Did you just switch your calendar? Don't you wish you had a calendar with pictures of horses, smiling kids, sunsets over mountain tops and red-trimmed cabins set along a peaceful creek? Something that takes you away to Colorado, to a family get-a-way, to a place where you spend most days free of the crazy world and most technology, just relaxing outside, enjoying the sounds of horses, the creek, the wind in the trees. Too bad there is not a calendar like that in circulation. Maybe you could make one. Maybe you have some really great photos of this place you went [...]

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Snow Place Like Home

It is some sort of unwritten rule of nature that it will snow by Halloween at Drowsy Water Ranch. We've already enjoyed two storms of six to eight inches and it's barely even November. All I have to say about this transition from fall to the fluffy white stuff is this: "BRRRR"!Check out these photos from the ranch this morning. Then go get yourself some hot cocoa.

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Bringing home them doggies

It's that time of year again. The guests have all gone home, the nights are getting colder and the leaves are changing. And, the cows are headed home. Every fall, Randy Sue spends a week or so finding her cows on the open range and bringing them back to Drowsy Water. With luck, the whole herd comes home looking healthy after a summer eating green mountain grasses. Lucky for me, I was invited to help on one big round-up day. I've done one a time or two, and I have to say that there is something in my soul that just sings when I [...]

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How to Pen a Steer

Thursdays at the ranch start out slow. We lolly-gag to the barn then mount up for a leasurely ride up the mountain to our breakfast point dining room. There, atop the mountain, you relax while enjoying the majestic view and the magnificent food. After riding back down from the point, the morning is filled with ample opportunity to read a book, relax in the yard, play in the creek, or take a little snooze. After lunch, the tone around here changes. Teams are named for the afternoon's event and normally calm guests start slinging foul names and gestures at one another. Sweat starts gathering [...]

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The horse boss and some horses

He's the head wrangler and the horse-boss. He oversees the wrangling, feeding, saddling and doctoring of the herd and he manages the barn staff. With a herd of over 115 horses, this means a whole heck of a lot of work. But Ryan loves it. He knows the horses, the rides, the riders, and the ranch. You want to know anything about any horse, you can ask him. You want to be his understudy, do you? First things first then. Let's work on learning the horses' names. Here are a few of the herd. Can you guess who they are?

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For those who like to hike. . .

We get plenty of horse crazy folks here. They have horse shirts, horse pins, and horse posters. They know the sweet smell of manure, enjoy the feel of soft leather under their tush and the sound of hoof beats on the ground is music to their ears. But this horse obsessed life isn't for everyone. And for those less-horsey folks, we offer plenty to keep them busy during their vacation at Drowsy Water Ranch.One example of an alternative activity is Thursday afternoon's guided hike with Randy Sue. Yes, yet another Randy Sue adventure. (That woman is everywhere!)Yesterday we took a willing crew up to [...]

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Drowsy Water Not a Sleepy Creek

Sure, the ranch might be named after some romantic little trickle of a stream that runs through our secluded mountain valley here at Drowsy Water Ranch but, this time of year, the ranch name could easily be changed to Wild Rapids. This year's snowpack in our high country was around 130 percent of normal. That means we're bracing for high water and potential flooding in the coming days as our sleepy little creek roars through the ranch. Downstream of Drowsy Water Creek, the Colorado River is swelling. Folks along the banks of the Colorado are biting their nails as record flows threaten to approach. [...]

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