Sounds like February

Chase and I figured out something big this morning: February, we decided, must start with a 'F' because most of the words we use to describe the second month of the year also start with 'F'. Yep, it's true. Think about February. How would you describe it?  Here is what comes to mind when living at Drowsy Water Ranch in February: 1. Frigid. It is cold. It has been cold for months now. It will be cold for a few more months. Snow, ice, storms. Brrr. 2. Feeding. We have a lot of mouths around here and they all need food. Luckily, we have a lot of hay. We [...]

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As the Ranch Turns

We have received the phone call once or twice. "We'd like to film a reality show on your ranch. Is there any good drama?" the person on the other end asks. "Why certainly," we reply. "Do they hang out, have boyfriends and girlfriends?"he continues."Yes, of course," we say.Then, dramatically, the person asks greedily, "And do they fight over friends or lovers?"And we honestly respond, "Oh, yes. You should see them. They are so nice sometimes, grooming and necking or going for long walks together then other times they are so mean--chasing, kicking, even biting each other.""Kicking and biting?" he asks, the astonishment clear in his voice."Yes, of [...]

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The Flying Cowgirl

The coolest thing about raising ranch kid is watching them get to do fun things for the first time. We took Peyton to her first day of pre-school on Monday and, in the last week, she has had a few other firsts.Her uncle Ryan recently flew home in his newest obsession--a 1977 Piper Turbo Arrow III. It might be older than Justin and I, but it is a perfect first plane for Ryan's flying and flight instruction. He's been taking his family on flights, teaching Justin and Ian for a private pilot's license, and doing other fun things liking buzzing the supper ride last [...]

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