Scenes from a Colorado Dude Ranch Vacation

The 2013 Calendar Contest was a huge success. We have entries from all over the country and world that show scenes from an authentic Western Vacation. Thanks to all of our entrants for some amazing photos! Drowsy Water Ranch is lucky to have such great families and individuals be part of our Colorado Family Vacations!To view all of the winners, see our album on the Drowsy Water Dude Ranch Facebook page.

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Easy Weaners in Action

Okay, more on the easy-weaner today. Easy-weaner, easy-weaner, easy-weaner!!Sorry, that is just sooo hilarious. But now that it's out of my system, let me tell you how we do this. We wean the babies every fall because they have to move on from Mama. When they do, they better be okay with just hay and grain, because there won't be any milk served. Once we sell them, they are off to their next location, the feed lot. So in order to get them free from mama's teet, you can simply separate the cow and calf leaving the cow to wonder what happened to her [...]

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Bovine Adventures at Drowsy Water Ranch

Ahhh, the Bovine. What a wonderful creature. Here at Drowsy Water Ranch, we have one or two of them to play with. In the winter, Randy Sue keeps about 30 mama cows down the road and a few younger "yearlings" up here at the ranch. They eat, a lot. And they moo. And then the food comes out. It sounds boring, I know, but really, they're great fun. The next blog or two will be about keeping cattle at a Colorado Dude Ranch--a fun but time consuming endeavor. We'll start now, with the little guys that eat and moo and poop just a few [...]

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Ranch Lessons

After having lived at Drowsy Water Ranch for the past year and a half, I’ve learned quite a few things. I’ve learned that horses eat…a lot. And when they finish all the hay in a pasture, they have to be moved to another place with more grub. Yesterday I went on a ranch field trip to help move all the horses from one winter pasture in Walden to another. It was another lesson in my ongoing ranch education. I’ve learned that it is really really really cold in Northern Colorado. I’ve learned that things never quite go as planned. The initial game plan was [...]

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