Lucky for us, (he, he, get it with the picture above?) we get to see some beautiful clouds in our Colorado skies. Quinn, our employee for the summer, got some great shots. Now if only I was smart enough to tell you what type of cloud is in each photo. I’m pretty sure a fifth grader could do it, but not me! And, if you like these pictures or want to see more of Quinn’s summer photos (They’re incredible!) Contact him at

Here are a few storm clouds (cumulonimbus?) passing over the trail by first point. Many of our rides will depart in clear skies only to have these guys rumble by–sometimes the just threaten, sometimes they pour.

This looks like a cloud smorgasbord. You have a little of everything. Status, cirrus, cumulus, etc.

One of the best times of day for cloud watching is early morning and dusk–the pink and oranges are beautiful. And, finally, we have maybe some altostratus passing by?