The final superhero: the superman (or woman) that fills the role of Head Chef. This season’s chefis really a spectacular genius. You may know the food here is great, or you may be coming to find out if it’s as great as we say. Either way, you’ll thank this hero at least once during your stay, probably more than once. We’ve just been warming him up having him feed all the staff. I didn’t know a grilled cheese could taste so good. All I can say is DELICIOUS! Just wait until he gets fired up for the guests.
His Name: R. Calvin Strombeck
Position: Chef
Number of seasons at DWR: First
Hometown: Vicksburg, MI
When it’s not summer he. . .goes fly-fishing with family and works other cooking jobs throughout the country.
He wanted to work at DWR because. . .I am looking for a more intimate cooking experience.
Goal for the summer at DWR? Explore fly-fishing streams, meet new people and have a great culinary experience.
Something interesting about him. . .I have worked in the Middle East and I just became an uncle for the first time!