If you’ve been here during the summer, you know that Mondays at the barn are one crazy scene. Wranglers are running every which way, Ken is talking, Randy Sue is riding horses, people are meeting their horses, some rides are in the arena, some rides are leaving down the road, some rides are headed to First Point.  It is one heck of a busy day.  
What happens when it’s all over? What does the ranch even look like without the hustle and bustle of summer? That’s what we’re going to find out. On Mondays, I’ll post pictures from around the ranch.  And, just so we have a constant in this experiment, I’ll take the shot of the barn above each week so we can see the difference from week to week. 
I’ll also throw in some random fun pictures, like these:


The Barn Moster: this skull and antlers was a good find, but it kinda gives me the creeps. 
Cinches: Belt for horses. Or for people like me who had too much Pumpkin Pie last weekend.