Name: Ian Liversidge
Position at DWR: Ranch Foreman
Hometown: Granby, Colorado

My hobbies include: Mountain and road biking, motorcycle riding, hiking, zip lining, snow boarding and snow shoeing.

I am excited about working at DWR this summer because… I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work for the Fosha family for ten years. This is a magical place where I get to meet incredible people from all over the world. 

One interesting thing about me is…Born in Bournemouth, England, I decided to venture to the states to ride western. After one week at Drowsy Water Ranch, I knew this was the place to spend the rest of my life. Proudly in 2008 I became a U.S. citizen.

Name: Casey Robinson
Position at DWR: Housekeeping/Waitressing
Hometown: Glens Falls, New York

My hobbies include: getting outside and into the forest or mountains as often as possible. My perfect place is surrounded by trees next to a creek, it’s the absolute most peaceful thing I can experience. 

I am excited about working at DWR this summer because… being afforded the opportunity to work in an environment where your hard work is rewarded by the enjoyment of the guests and their families, is such a positive and caring reinforcement. That, combined with being surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, is the most anyone could ask for in their working life. Who could say no to earning a living while living a vacation?     

One interesting thing about me is…After graduating college, I spent a year interning with St. Joseph Center in Venice Beach, CA, learning about and working with the homeless population of Los Angeles. It was a humbling year, full of growth in my understanding of humanity, and the complex nature of the state of the world. An experience I am so grateful to have had, and work that I hope to continue as I move forward in my adult life. 

Name: Jesse Freeman
Position at DWR: Wrangler/Farrier
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

My hobbies include: biking, hiking, camping, riding, hunting and anything outside

I am excited about working at DWR this summer because… I’m excited to work at Drowsy Water Ranch because I’ve loved working
with horses and I eventually want to start a cattle operation and train horses on the side. 

One interesting thing about me is…my brothers and I started our first business when I was nine years old.

Name: Kamas Pennington
Position at DWR: Prep Cook
Hometown: Boise, Idaho

My hobbies include: Cooking, Fishing, Hiking, Skiing, Soccer, Wood-crafting…pretty much everything!  I like to do lots of things!

I am excited about working at DWR this summer because… I want to come and share my passion of cooking with the guests at Drowsy Water Ranch.  It will be a new, fun experience helping cook for people other than my family and friends.  Plus, I’m really excited to venture out of Idaho and experience Colorado ranch life!  Where I’m outgoing, I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and also being part of a great team.  I can’t wait to get there!

One interesting thing about me is…In my spare time, I like to make fishing nets out of a single tree branch, they are called a “tamo”.

Name: Karah Johnson
Position at DWR: Buckaroo Counselor 
Hometown: Castleton, New York 

My hobbies include: Hiking, painting, photography, fishing, tree climbing, writing, traveling, birdwatching. 

I am excited about working at DWR this summer because… I am looking forward to meeting new people, learning how to dance, working hard, learning a lot, and being outside! 

One interesting thing about me is…I spent a summer in Costa Rica working to save sea turtles.