You’ll hear this word a few times during your vacation here at Drowsy Water Ranch. We shout “howdy!” to greet you, we holler “howdy!” when we want your attention, and we simply say it in passing as we meet you walking through the ranch. 
The word is simple enough, but, for us, “howdy” is much more than just a greeting.  For us, the word howdy is how we share our western hospitality.  Howdy is how we welcome you into our family and into our way of life here on the ranch and Howdy is how we tell you that we love what we do and we want you to love being here as much as we do.  Howdy means more than a simple hello; it is a symbol for what might be the best vacation you and your family have shared. 
Here is a list of just a few of the things that “Howdy” stands for at the ranch:
1. “Go Play!”
Kids at the ranch enjoy the freedom of running around all day long under the Colorado sun. For some, it’s a luxury they can’t enjoy at home.  In our secluded mountain valley, kids are safe to roam free.  Their confidence soars as they realize they can have fun without always being within arm’s reach of mom or dad.  Like with animals, the happiest and healthiest kids  are the free-range variety!

2. “Go Ride”
 Kids and adults alike love the animal interaction. One-on-one with an animal as smart, caring, and strong as a horse teaches us respect and kindness; not to mention it afford a pretty awesome way to see the Colorado mountains.  The relationship formed with a horse in the course of a week is one that is remembered for a lifetime.  We can’t count how many times we’ve had guests come back to the ranch after a number of years and tell us about the horse they rode 20+ years ago.  They can tell us the name of their horse, the color, and many stories that we may not recall.  These four legged friends make an impact.
3. “Go Run!”
With 120+ horses, we boast a happy and healthy herd of equines.  Our horses go out to pasture every night and on the weekends. Like kids going to recess, this time to run, play, socialize and recharge means the horses are more calm, focused and ready for direction when it’s time to come back in for work.
We do a lot of our veterinary care ourselves and we have farriers that shoe our horses when we can’t do it. We know each horse by name and can tell you their breed, their background, and their personality. 
4. “Make Friends!”
Maybe the most powerful magic of a Drowsy Water vacation is the ranch’s amazing ability to create lasting friendships in just a week.  Kids and adults come from all over the world and from all different walks of life but, when they are with us at the ranch, everyone is one of two things: a cowboy or a cowgirl. When everyone is wearing boots, it’s hard not to get along. 
 Hope you come say “Howdy” soon!
Thanks, Nell, for the awesome photos. We are going to miss having you here this summer!