Yesterday, a bunch of tough gals showed how a girl goes about making an all-day ride lunch fun, memorable, and still a little girly. Whether they meant to or not, these cowgirls had a world-class lunch. After all, riding trusty trail horses through the mountains, a girl works up an appetite for good food and a whole lot of fun. 
 First, check out the location, location, location! Their choice of dining room has some of the best views in any restaurant west of the Mississippi. They relaxed on a mountaintop surrounded by wildflowers and blue skies. And the food packed in the saddlebags was plenty for these famished farm-girls: sandwiches, chips, juice, veggies, and, most importantly, cowgirl cookies the size of their face!

After catching up on some chit chat and cleaning up the cookies, the posse enjoyed the view for a second or two…then headed off in search of some fun. 
They didn’t have to go far before a real-live game of cowgirl softball kicked up. Take the fruit we “forgot” to eat, find a stick, and batter-up! It’s time to swing batter!

After the game, the gals found a fort “clearly built by boys”. It was big, shady, and sturdy. It was perfect…almost…it just needed a few decorations. Quickly, it was determined the fort was in dire need of some sprucing up. Nearby wildflowers worked as wall paper, chandeliers, and paintings on the wall. 

After all the fun, the gals jumped back in the saddle and rode on home. 
And that, my friends, is how you do lunch when you are a true cowgirl.