We were in for a treat our final week of the season this year. The Colorado Mule Riders joined us for a week of adventure. The 40 or so mules and their riders traversed our countryside with gusto–we’re talking a half-day ride to Music Mountain (holy moly!), and an all-day ride to the tippy-top of Elk Mountain (double holy moly!) about 10 and 19 miles, respectively, atop their fast-walking, long-eared, loud-braying companions. 

The mules were fantastic. Their riders were fantastic too. Their long ears and special brays (talking about the mules again, not the riders) were a hoot to see and hear. 

And the conversations and companionship between friends (talking about the riders now) was both inspirational and admirable. The mule riders timed the trip right, too, because…

Because our aspen trees are in full color. 

The aspens changing is like the grand finale to summer–all summer we’ve been in awe of the beauty around us and the fun we’ve had. Summer at Drowsy Water, as always, is fun, cool, exciting–just like the normal part of a fireworks display–and now the turning of the leaves is like to Grand Finale–the ultimate ohh and ahh part that ends the show makes you walk away with a feelings awe and excitement and also lets you know the show is about over. And, as our show is over now, we are walking away from yet another summer full of our great guests, our amazing staff, hundreds of smiles and thousands of laughs.  Crash! Bang! Wiz! Boom! 2015 is done!