We have a number of horses around Drowsy Water Ranch.  How many? Well, you’ll have to read below to find out! I’ll give you a hint–it’s a big number. We like it that way so we can confidently know we can have a horse for every rider in your family during your vacation at DWR.  Read below for a few fun trivia questions about our herd. Answers are all at the bottom. 

Q1. How many horses are in the Drowsy Water Herd?
Q2. What is the average age of the herd?
Q3. Does Drowsy Water own more mares or geldings?
Q4. How many horses currently in the herd were born at Drowsy Water?
Q5. How much grain does the Drowsy Water herd go through during the summer season? 

A1: The Drowsy Water Herd usually boasts around 120 horses.  Every year we buy a few horses, we have a few horses pass away, and we sell a few horses. 
A2. The average age of our herd is about 16 years old.  We strive to buy horses that are 10 or younger and we keep many of our horses into their twenties. 
A3. We have 73 geldings and 39 mares.  We love our sassy mares as much as we love our goofy geldings. 
A4.  We have eight horses born and raised at DWR: Serenade, Scout, Brighty, Autumn, Cody, Mariah, Navajo, and Aspen.  They are all used regularly and know the trails better than some of the wranglers! 
A5. The herd consumes around 36,000 pounds of grain each summer.  We have grain delivered in bulk to our silos about three or four times per summer.  Grain is portioned and fed by hand one to two times daily to the herd.