I can’t help but love living on a Colorado Dude Ranch in the winter.  The snow gently blankets the ground and all the buildings that, in the summer, host dudes from all corners of the earth. It’s like the whole ranch is napping.  Resting up for the tireless hours of work coming in the warmer months.  

This is a typical Monday here.  Here is what is going on:

Here a few of the horses that are wintering at the ranch gather in the corrals for some hay.  

The entry to the ranch is a different site from the summer. Tire tracks wade through the snow, cabins hide in beneath snow covered roofs. 

A curious face peer from around the barn.   Unfortunately, I don’t have the grain he’s looking for!

Tyler is caught feeding the ducks bread scraps.  The ducks are in a pen for the winter to keep them warm and safe. Boy, do they miss the pond! 

Icicles are a treat. Free decorations that glimmer and shine! 

A chickadee visits the ranch in search of a feeder.  This guy, along with his friends the red-breasted nuthatch, the stellar’s jay and magpies empty the bird feeders about every other day!