A Thanksgiving-ish story from DWR

It's no secret that the food at Drowsy Water is a hearty affair. Something about the mountain air, the horses, the people, and the creek make you hungry here, really hungry. It's magical. That's why we get the week at DWR kicked off with a classic Thanksgiving Dinner.Every Sunday, Randy Sue starts the turkeys in the morning and Calvin (the chef) and the cooks come in and start on the rolls, stuffing, pies, etc. The day has a nice, familiar routine about it. Randy Sue has the meal down to a science: while Calvin and the cooks get the turkey carved, the pie sliced, [...]

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Giving Thanks

This year might be a tough year to be thankful.  The stock market is in the dumps, we're at war, the polar ice-caps are melting, and "our pets' heads are falling off!"  (Oh, wait, I guess that last one isn't true. I just couldn't resist. You remember Dumb and Dumber, the movie?  I obviously still have issues from memorizing that one).So this year was a bummer.  Get over it.  Find ways to be thankful for what we have.  If you do, I'll let you in on something I've learned.  What I've learned is this: you know what is the coolest part about this giving [...]

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