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Happy New Year! Did you just switch your calendar? Don't you wish you had a calendar with pictures of horses, smiling kids, sunsets over mountain tops and red-trimmed cabins set along a peaceful creek? Something that takes you away to Colorado, to a family get-a-way, to a place where you spend most days free of the crazy world and most technology, just relaxing outside, enjoying the sounds of horses, the creek, the wind in the trees. Too bad there is not a calendar like that in circulation. Maybe you could make one. Maybe you have some really great photos of this place you went [...]

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Hijacking the DWR Blog

 This is Lauren: summer wrangler and winter office assistant extraordinaire. I'm filling in for Gretta this week while she sunbathes on powder white beaches and swims in clear, turquoise waters.I'm not jealous at all. I like to think that mud season on the ranch is a lot like a tropical paradise.Now, I was originally going to devote this post to my fantastic wrangling abilities, my gorgeous horse, and my humility. But everyone already knows these things and there's no sense in preaching to the choir, so instead I'll leave you guys with some pictures of last summer to remind us that the mud season will one [...]

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