Cowboy Take Me Away

My "Indian" Cowboy is finally home. He enjoyed his fair share of tours, Indian food, local hosts and entertainment on the other side of the world. He has pictures of elephants, trains, boats, towns, cities, tea and many, many, faces.As the saying goes: absence make the heart grow fonder. Justin's month-long excursion to a different world has me thinking how lucky I am to have him and how this whole living on a ranch with a cowboy thing is just one big dream come true. In fact, just this summer a high school classmate and I were laughing about how, in our senior yearbook, [...]

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It ain’t all romance and ribbons at Drowsy Water

I like to portray the ranch life as one full of adventure and romance. And, honestly, there is a lot of that happening around here. There are colorful sunrises during morning roundups--horses neighing and snorting as they charge back to the ranch for their morning feed. There are country songs by campfires on cool summer evenings. There are blooming flowers, falling snowflakes, and singing birds. But it's not all romance and ribbons around here. Take, for example, the end result of our countless hours of work in the hayfields. After hours, days, weeks, and months slaving away to mow, rake, and bail our hay [...]

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