Fall Colors at Drowsy Water Ranch

As we head into our long winter, we savor the last of these beautiful fall days. Actually, we cling to these days with all our might--our fists clenched as tight as possible on the coat-tails of these final warm, sunny hours.The colors this year were phenomenal. Have a look!

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Bringing home them doggies

It's that time of year again. The guests have all gone home, the nights are getting colder and the leaves are changing. And, the cows are headed home. Every fall, Randy Sue spends a week or so finding her cows on the open range and bringing them back to Drowsy Water. With luck, the whole herd comes home looking healthy after a summer eating green mountain grasses. Lucky for me, I was invited to help on one big round-up day. I've done one a time or two, and I have to say that there is something in my soul that just sings when I [...]

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Falling for Drowsy Water Ranch

"Sigh!" "Yee-Haw!""Phew!" "At last!"Those are the sounds we've been hearing around the ranch lately. We just finished up the last week of our 2010 season and, gee whiz, was it a fun-filled, exhausting, beautiful, magical few weeks or what?We wound down our season nicely with three adult-only weeks. The first we had 25 guests, the second 15, and the third only four. We included an art week in there too, which was a first for everyone involved and a ton of fun for both the folks who came to the ranch to paint and for the folks that came to the ranch to ride [...]

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